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Training Overview

All training presented at Dogs and All is SASSETA/PFTC SETA accredited. We present training against SAQA registered unit standards. Our Facilitators, Assessor and Moderators are; ETDP SETA, SASSET and PFTC accredited.

Accreditation and compliance

• PSIRA: Private Security Industry Regulating Authority | As we are a Security Provider
• SAQA: South African Qualifications Authority | Because we present SAQA registered unit standards
• SASSETA: Safety and Security Sector Education Training Authority | For accredited dog handler & security officer training.
• PFTC: Professional Firearms Training Council | For the presentation of accredited firearms training
• NRCS: National Regulator for Compulsory Standards | Shooting Range accreditation
• SAPS: South African Police Service | Firearms Training Provider & Shooting Range